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Ich schaffs einfach nicht meine Sachen auch auf meine Seite zu bringen 😉

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Vorankündigung Aufbruch Gold Rot Schwarz – Beginn der Sendereihe Montag 4.Feb auf

Veröffentlicht am 31.01.2013

Sendungen für Montag, den 04. Februar 2013 – 20:00 bis 21:00 Uhr
Moderator : OKiTALK
Kategorie: Bürgertalk – Livestream mit Aufzeichnung

Studio 3 — Sendereihe GOLD-ROT-SCHWARZ m. Mod_Roban & ICast4you zu Gast Jo Conrad (Leiter der Konf. AUFBRUCH-GOLD-ROT-SCHWARZ) Dies ist der Beginn der Sendereihe auf Okitalk damit auch du interaktiv an diesem Prozess teilnehmen kannst. Weiters wird mit Hilfe von Echtzeitdok. vor, während und nach den Veranstaltungen daran weitergearbeitet. Dies gibt allen die Möglichkeit sich an Debatte, Bestandsaufname, Reflektion,… einzubringen. Nach der Sendung allgm. Gesprächsrunde. Alle Veranstaltungen werden auf OKITALK Live-und interaktiv aus ALSFELD übertragen.

OKiTALK ist eine kostenlose und unabhängige Diskussions- und Kommunikationsplattform von Menschen für Menschen und bietet Ihnen:
Täglich neue und interessante Diskussions- und Themenangebote
Anspruchsvolle Gruppengespräche in privater Atmosphäre
Sprachräume mit hervorragender Gesprächsqualität und Latenzzeit
Laufend spontane Talk-Sendungen und aktuelle Live-Events
Präsentationen von Projekten, Produkten, Künstlern und Musikgruppen

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Animation und Schnitt: Günter Deutschinger


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Let´s dance 😉

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There are occasional OPPT type communications that arrive to my computer. And occasionally, something is sent/posted which hits my heart, backside, Innards, Inner Self, whatever. This one definitely did. Now, here’s the story from my end…

After coffee at Java, I felt moved to go to the Island Naturals food store, then I felt very STRONGLY drawn to look for something I wanted for myself, at Target. Now, the last time I went to the Kona Target was maybe two years ago. But today, I’m drawn there.

So I arrive at Target, park, and, as I sit in my car, I read the exercise below, which Heather had just written. A „playful“ exercise. (I call it, „Playing with Gold (Energy, that is…)“)

When I saw this, I knew that it was right „on target“! And what better synchronicity, that I was actually at the Target store. It all fit.

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oppt_logo_border9A number of questions have been posed to various people about all this „OPPT business„, on various sites, from all over the world. Already American Kabuki and D of RTS have posted some of these. I am going to post everything I have right here, in this one posting area. It may be a bit long, but it’s all here, in one place.

I especially enjoyed the story by K at the bottom of this post. Perfect analogy to what’s happening here, on this planet, now.


Posted 1-18-13 at Removing the Shackles:

Anonymous18 January 2013 09:11

D do you actually know what you are doing? First when you started this blog you were posting about the rv’s then the new monetary system and then you were posting about mass arrests.

You have been thrown from pillar to post from one subject to another proving that your intel…

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oppt_logo_border8oppt_templates_video_130118[Kp Note: this post will likely be updated over time, as more information comes in.]

[UPDATE 1: I recommend viewing the beginning of the video, a short history of the planet. To go directly to the instructions, go to 1:50 (or click this link (the instructions actually last only about 4 minutes).]

[UPDATE 2 (for those in Canada): from Deryl, one of the contributors to this (yay, Deryl!):
– UCC are called PPSA here in Canada. You may need this link for future use.
– In order to file your Financial Statement you will have to register here.„]

As I continue to learn about what is going on with all of this OPPT (TOPPT) business, I received this set of templates today (Mahalo, Paula and Desmond and Agatha) for distribution to everyone. At this time, I view these as templates for actions we can take to declare…

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Etwas schwer zu lesen – da es aus dem Englischen übersetzt wurde und einige stellen im Original undeutlich waren.

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